Hello everyone, John here. First, though Julie mentioned it last week, thanks to FTT and Lightspeed for putting together an incredible dinner and group, and thanks to legend Jackie Reses for hosting at her incredible home. There were some 🔥 chats about the current and future state of crypto. Speaking of crypto. The most talked about news this week ...
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FTT+ Expert John Collins:


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FTT Update:
Who Are You Calling Sketchy?
Hi all, Julie here. Writing this before going to get my hair colored since I’M LEAVING ...
FTT Special:
Which Challenger Bank Are You?
Hi all, Julie here. Special edition of FTT today thanks to friend and Zodiac guru ...
FTT Update:
If You Don’t Offer Early Deposit, Are You Even A Fintech?
Hi all, Julie here. Happy official end of the summer! Definitely still feels like ...
FTT+ Expert John Collins:
Is Gary Gensler the Most Powerful Fintech Regulator?
Hello everyone, John here. I’m freshly back from my honeymoon after a short stop ...
FTT Update:
This Newsletter Wants 3X Leveraged Ether Options
Hi all, Julie here. Sitting here thankful that Jordan offered to take the car to ...
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Summer Investor/Operator Survey Results
Hi all, Julie here. Every once in a while, I like to ask my smart friends in our ...

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