Jenny here. Is there anything hotter than fintech in Latin America right now? While Ian at Bitcoin Week in Miami may give LatAm a run for its money, the last month in Latin American fintech has been, dare I say, lit. The original plan for this week was to dive into Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) but I had no choice but to change course with ...
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FTT+ Expert Jenny Johnston:

LatAm's Mega Deals

What's Next In Open Banking
Hello hello everyone! Ian here again. You'll be hearing from me more often ...
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FTT Update:
Jack Dorsey, Elon Musk and Cathie Wood Walk Into A Bar
Hi all, Julie here. Happy Monday! Over the weekend, a piece I helped Mario from ...
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FTT Update:
How to Calculate A Neobank’s Valuation
Hi all, Julie here. Bad news: Jordan and I were robbed. Good news: We have renters ...
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FTT+ Expert Charley Ma's Blend S-1 Deep Dive
Hi everyone, Charley here. With all the hype in fintech around Robinhood’s upcoming ...
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FTT Update:
A Dinner With Jackie Reses
Hi all, Julie here. Writing this in the airport heading back to Austin. Huge thank ...
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FTT Update:
I Don't Get It
Hi all, Julie here. I’m off to San Francisco in the morning for a special Fintech ...

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